Remembering Kristen Pfaff

She was instrumental in crafting Hole’s best-selling album, “Live Through This”, Spin’s #1 album of 1994, and a founding member of Minneapolis’ Janitor Joe. To celebrate the life and music of Kristen Pfaff we’d enc

New photographs of Robert Johnson uncovered?

While Willy Brown and his headstone is making headlines, there is a continual search to find physical evidence of the blues era’s men . There are no known photos of Willie, but it would make sense given the times, the vagabonding lifestyle thes

Willie Brown needs a headstone

“You can run, you can run, tell my friend boy Willie Brown” With those words, rock’s grandfather and 27s archetype Robert Johnson immortalized bluesman Willie Brown in his prophetic “Cross Road Blues.” Cream (Eric Clapto

Janis Joplin on NPR

National Public Radio dubbed Janis Joplin “the Queen of Rock” on a segment that aired this morning. Instead of the typical “best of” (read: “most famous”) track selections, the producers included a live version of

Rapper Yung Hott: The latest 27

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While shooting the video for his first single, titled “Yung Hott Killin ‘Em,” Griffin, Georgia, rapper Yung Hott (his real name was Jerode Paige) was shot and killed. He was 27 years old and is thus the latest member of the fabled 2

Royal Mail’s Classic Record Cover Stamps

The British Royal Mail just unveiled a series of ten classic record covers made into stamps. The selection was based on the artwork, not the music, and includes the last record Brian Jones played on with the Rolling Stones, 1969’s Let It Bleed.

Cobain’s mom granted temporary custody of Frances Bean Cobain

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Wendy O’Connor, Kurt Cobain’s mother, has been granted temporary custody of her grandchild (and Kurt’s daughter), Frances Bean Cobain. The court papers does not specify why Wendy O’Connor and Kurt’s sister Kimberly Dawn

Near-misses: Britney Spears celebrated her 28th

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Congrats to Britney on her 28th birthday yesterday. A year-and-half ago it looked like she was headed for trouble, but she cleaned up and is ready for the rest of her life. Author Ian Halperin claimed last year that she feared dying at 27, thereby jo

One less crooked manager: Stan Polley dead

by Josh & Eric
Stan Polley (1922-2009), one of rock’s allegedly most crooked managers died July 20, 2009, in California.During the 1960s and 1970s he managed <a href=””>Badfinger</a>, Al Kooper, Lo

Out of Control: Tin Alley song about The 27 Club

A couple of years ago Tin Alley drummer Peter Hofbauer hit a kangaroo (yea, they’re an Australian band) while riding his motorcycle. He nearly died the same way Echo & the Bunnymen’s Pete de Freitas did, but three weeks in intensive c

The King of Rag Time: Louis Chauvin

Louis Chauvin (“Bird Face”) Born: March 13, 1881, in St. Louis, Missouri Died: March 26, 1908, in Chicago, Illinois Heliotrope Bouquet – Joshua Ri… Today, ragtime’s best-remembered musician is Scott Joplin, but at the time his

The Missing Preacher: Richey Edwards

Richey James Edwards Born: December 22, 1967, in Blackwood, Wales, UK Disappeared: February 1, 1995, in Wales, UK Band: Manic Street Preachers Archives Of Pain – Manic Stree… Richey James Edwards of the Welsh Manic Street Preachers was a