The Lost Boyz: Freaky Tah

Raymond Rogers (“Freaky Tah,” “Tahleek”) Born: May 14, 1971, in Queens, New York Died: March 28, 1999, in Queens, New York Member of: Lost Boyz, 134 Allstars 1, 2, 3 – Lost Boyz Like the blues, hip-hop’s ethos is to crea

Screwed Up Click: Fat Pat

Patrick Lamont Hawkins (“Fat Pat”) Born: December 4, 1970, in Texas Died: February 3, 1998, in Houston, Texas Member of: Screwed Up Click Tops Drop – Fat Pat Thanks to DJ Screw and his Screwed Up Click, Houston’s rap scene rose to t

Mia Zapata of The Gits

by Josh & Eric
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Mia Zapata Born: August 8, 1965, in Louisville, Kentucky Died: July 7, 1993, in Seattle, Washington Band: The Gits Raised in Kentucky on Bessie Smith, Jimmy Reed, Hank Williams, Billie Holliday, and hardcore punk Mia founded the Gits at Antioch Colle

Brass-rock: Wallace Yohn of Chase

by Josh & Eric
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Wallace Yohn Born: January 12, 1947 Died: August 12, 1974, in Jackson Minnesota Band: Chase Wally played organ for Chase, a brass jazz-rock band led by trumpeteer Bill Chase. Wally joined the band for the third and last record, the excellent Pure Mus

Natural High: Roger Lee Durham

Roger Lee Durham Born: February 14, 1946, in Kansas City, Missouri Died: July 27, 1973 Band: Bloodstone, The Sinceres In 1962, a group of high school friends in Kansas City, Missouri, founded a doo-wop quintet named The Sinceres. The members eventual

Pigpen: The Grateful Soul

Ronald “Pigpen” McKernan Born: September 8, 1945 in San Bruno, California Died: March 8, 1973 in Corte Madera, California Bands: Grateful Dead, The Warlocks, Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions Pigpen was the only showman of the Grateful

The Missing Stooge: David Michael Alexander

Dave Michael Alexander (“Zander”) Born: June 3, 1947, in Whitmore Lake, Michigan Died: February 10, 1975, in Ann Arbor, Michigan Band: The Stooges Dave was the original bassist for the proto-punk band The Stooges. Like the rest of The Sto

(should’ve been a) Big Star: Chris Bell

Chris Bell Born: January 25, 1951 in Memphis, Tennessee Died: December 27, 1978 in Memphis, Tennessee Bands: Big Star, Rock City, Icewater, and solo Speed Of Sound – Chris Bell Born into a wealthy family in Tennessee, Chris Bell spent his child

German prog: Helmut Köllen

by Josh & Eric
Helmut Köllen Born: March 2, 1950, in Germany Died: May 3, 1977, in Germany Band: Triumvirat and solo Helmut Köllen joined Triumvirat in time to lend his bass, voice, and composition skills to this German progressive rock band’s two most famous album

Rock’s Grandfather: Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson Born: May 8, 1911, in Hazlehurst, Mississippi Died: August 16, 1938, in Greenwood, Mississippi Robert Johnson lived and died in relative obscurity. He was a rootless, restless, sly, street-smart, womanizing, whiskey-drinking hobo with

Nat Jaffe

Nat Jaffe Born: January 1, 1918 in New York City Died: August 5, 1945, in New York City After a childhood spent in Germany, pianist Nat Jaffe became part of the NYC jazz scene. In addition to heading his own bands, Jaffe recorded with Joe Marsala, Lo

Alexandre Levy

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Alexandre Levy Born: November 10, 1864, in São Paulo, Brazil Died: January 17, 1892, in São Paulo, Brazil Brazilian composer Alexandre Levy spent most of his life in São Paulo where he pioneered a fusion of classical composition with Brazil’s popular